Academy of Fine Arts of Tournai master painting
UMPRUM Prague. Erasmus

Scenography and digital animation for the play “I saw myself” by Howard Barker, directed by Agnès delume. Artist residency at Maison Maria Casarès Alloue

¨Liquid puppets¨ digital show produced by the theater company Le Cygne and created in Gare at the Vitry sur Seine theater

NUIT DIRECTE SEASON 1 and 2, (with Cignor Dappert). Digital arts streaming on Facebook and youtube - broadcasts with filmed drawing, vjing and artist interviews. Supported by Wallonia-Brussels (BELGIUM) for visual performances (the S grand atelier, Vielsam Belgium, IMAL Digital Arts Center in Brussels, Halle Saint Pierre

artistic vjing workshops at the graphic arts school of Brussels ERG. stream Event ERGTV 2 at Projection room in Brussels Artistic collaboration in the clip of Mr. Pimpant "ISA & ANNA" of the Choolers division Participation as a streamer of creative video content at the GILBAR event at Bozar, center of fine arts in Brussels

participation in the wrong biennale, “it’s a digital world but someone still gotta cook lunch” (online exhibition) collaboration with “STOP BEING MISERABLE”, a project by Naîs Marcon and Ansilde Chanteau at POP-UP Galerie AVU Prague

Collective exhibition “Too many dinners party” at POP-UP Galerie AVU Prague. Presentation of the play “Salomé” with Eve Miller and Raphael Ruiz