Salome - digital short play

Salome Vidéo 6’30 - Dimensions : 3840x2160 px. Created for the exhibition “Too many dinner parties” at AVU Pop up Gallery

How can the myth of Salome be revisited with the current possibilities of the digital arts? Deksonato proposes a dramatic, rhythmic version with the participation of performance artist Eve Miller and actor Raphael Ruiz in a digital poem composed in five different dances. 

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Prague individual - digital poem

Prague individual Video 3' - Dimensions : 3840x2160 px

︎︎ In this digital art video, Deksonato presents the walk of a woman who begins her existence in Prague. Although constructed with clear narrative elements (a character, a place and an action), this work is more a poem of powerful digital animation than a narrative. With Ansilde Chanteau as the woman.

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A psycho desease - digital poem

A psycho desease Video 1'12 - Dimensions : 3840x2160 px

︎︎ Within the digital realm, a poignant and introspective journey unfolds through "A Psycho Disease," a captivating digital poem. This evocative piece delves into the mental condition of a lonely man trapped amidst the confines of his suburban city, the grip of medication, and the overwhelming weight of his sadness. It explores the complex interplay between material and virtual realities that shape his existence.

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Je suis une dame - digital poem

Je suis une dame Video 1'21 - Dimensions : 3840x2160 px

︎︎ Within this artwork, I explore the delicate balance between isolation and independence. The woman, the central figure of the poem, invites the viewer into her private world, forging a direct connection that transcends the boundaries of the digital realm. Through her narrative, she seeks to maintain her individuality and carve out a sense of autonomy, even within the confines of her physical environment. 

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3 odalisques - digital poem

3 Odalisques Video 1'09 - Dimensions : 3840x2160 px

︎︎ In the art history, certain themes have captivated the imagination of artists throughout the ages. "3 Odalisques" pays homage to this timeless motif, exploring the beauty and intimacy of women creaming themselves after a bath. Inspired by the works of esteemed painters such as Ingres and Matisse, this visual poem invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world where composition and the relationship between artist and model intertwine.

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Emotion flat - digital poem

Emotion flat Video 1'12 - Dimensions : 3840x2160 px

︎︎ Within this evocative piece, emotions take on a tangible form, melting and intertwining with vibrant hues and ethereal visuals. The bands of colored video serve as a conduit for the expression of complex feelings, shifting and transforming in harmony with the ebb and flow of the poet's words. Each hue becomes a language of its own, conveying the essence of a particular emotion in a way that transcends linguistic boundaries.

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Flowers - digital poem

Flowers Video 1' - Dimensions : 3840x2160 px

︎︎ In the ever-evolving landscape of digital art, "Floral Kaleidoscope" emerges as a groundbreaking visual poem that defies convention and explores the expressive power of flowers in the midst of an information-saturated era. This multidirectional masterpiece embraces the cut narration technique, weaving together intensified contrasts of various techniques and aesthetics, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of digital expression.

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