About the episodes :

The episodes are multimedia experience putting the spectateur directly into a frontal incontrolable reality going quicker than the narration they try to establish. It results imature animations mutating between different styles going to quick or to slow.

The cycle of "Contes de l´Est" is like a trip in the life of human without any situation, Just living a walk and being emotionally surprise how intense is this simple experience. They re divided in four chapters, passing from an unconfortable argument of an old couple in them house to a car drive in the morning night of a suburbs, to a phylosophical walk in a residencial street and finally to the sureal psycho auto determination of obtaining a job.

"Bien s´integrere dans la bourgeoisie en 2021" is a video of 15´ divided in 17 chapters telling the sotry of two friends meeting in Paris and decided to go to a party to meet bouregois poeple, integrate them society and why not become one of them. As the different digital techniques used in the different chapter, the two friend will be put in front of numerous strange situation in which they will have to find a solution to advance the narration and go till the end of the story.