I am a Lady - Digital poem

I am a lady
video 1’21
3840x2160 px

︎︎ Within this artwork, I explore the delicate balance between isolation and independence. The woman, the central figure of the poem, is presented to the viewer into her private world, forging a direct connection that transcends the walls of the digital realm. Through her narrative, she seeks to maintain her individuality and carve out a sense of autonomy, even within the confines of her physical environment. 

The digital poem unfolds with visual beauty and lyrical prose, capturing the nuances of the woman's emotions and thoughts as she navigates her morning ritual. Each brushstroke and word choice carefully accentuates the intimacy and vulnerability that she shares with the viewer, creating a profound connection between the artwork and its audience.

As you engage with "I am a Lady" you are invited to reflect on your own experiences of personal space and freedom. The woman's story serves as a catalyst for introspection, prompting a deeper exploration of the boundaries we set for ourselves and the ways we strive to maintain our authenticity in a world that can sometimes feel suffocating.

Through this digital poem, I aim to celebrate the power of solitude and the strength that can be found in embracing our personal moments. It is a reminder that intimacy and freedom can coexist, and that by opening up and sharing our authentic selves, we can forge genuine connections that transcend physical and emotional barriers.

With Agnes Delume as the Lady.