drawings made  with pen on paper 29x21,7 cm

In my live drawing sessions, I immerse myself in the artistic field of human figures, tirelessly striving to capture their essence on the vast expanse of paper. My artistic approach revolves around the concept of weight, not just in the physical sense, but in the profound impact a figure can have within the space it occupies.

As I embark on each session, my tool is the pencil or the pen, which I wield in two distinct yet complementary ways. The first method entails using whipping lines to create an intense and singular expression. With each stroke, I nourish the paper with energy and vitality, bringing the expression to the paper in a dynamic and vibrant manner. These lines carry the spirit of the subject, revealing their raw emotions and preserving the transient moments that make them human.

In contrast, the second technique involves employing encircling lines to definitively capture the expression as a drawing. These lines wrap around the contours of the figure, carefully mapping out their form and preserving their unique characteristics in the time. This approach is more deliberate and meticulous, allowing me to craft a detailed representation that stands as a testament to the subject's identity and individuality.

Through these contrasting methods, I explore the rich graduation of human figure. The violent singular expressions encapsulate the volatile nature of our emotions, while the encircling lines serve as a vessel for recording our essence. Together, they create a harmonious interplay, capturing the dichotomy of human experience.